Garo Hills has plenty of waterfalls, but most of the falls are far and deep inside the forests. You have to leave your vehicle somewhere on the road, and walk by foot, and there's no chance of returning in a day.

Pelga Falls
Don't miss a chance to see "Pelga Falls". It is half an hour journey from Tura, situated at the foot of Ranggira peak. There's a hanging bridge over the stream, a spectecular point to capture an image to take one home. It is a place where you will have a great time with your friends.

Gandrakdare Falls
There is also "Gandrakdare Falls", in Tura by the roadside. It dries up during summer, but once monsoon arrives, the water flies over the road.

Nengsanggrap Falls
Then there is "Nengsanggrap falls", sittuated in the middle of Tura peak. You have to climb up the hill, usually one hour walk. Don't forget to carry a binocular. It is perfect place to view the entire Tura town.

Mesakdare falls
This is situated near Rongram, half an hour drive from Tura. You have to take right turn near the police outpost, if you drive from Tura.

Rongbangdare Falls
Rongbangdare is another falls, situated on the road to William Nagar. It is one and a half drive from Tura. You have to cross the stream to have a closer look. There's a hanging bridge to cross over if you don't want to get wet, but beware of leeches which drop like bombs from above the trees.
Two or one and a half hour drive from Tura. Perfect place to go on a picnic. Stop by the signboard and read the instructions carefully. If it happens that you spotted a signboard and takes no heed and fish from the area reserved by the community, keep your purse ready to pay the fine.