Environment Day

Environment Day was celebrated  on 5th of June, 2014 at Chimesenggre village. And 5th June, 2015 was observed at Hajongpara. One of our pastor taught the villagers about the importance of trees. She adviced the villagers to plant more trees for a greener tomorrow as they provide air, shade, fruits, and helps in the preservation of water. She also said that with water becoming scarce or not fit for consumption due to sourness in that village, it is important to realise early and unless we save the environment now, there won't be any left in the future. Trees are helpful to the humans in many ways- building a house, firewood, etc.
We could not distribute enough trees to them so we asked them to get more from nearby Sericulture department which is giving away for free.
They were also taught about cleanliness. A government employed nurse spoke on the ocassion. She said, "The first step is to keep ourself clean." Then comes improving and making others realise the value of cleanliness. She encouraged the villagers to regularly bathe, brush their teeth, cut their nails, comb their hair, wash cloths, sweep or mop the house, compound, cover the drinking water and food, and clean the bushes to keep the mosquitoes away.