Somewhere in a hill's ravine there used to be a very big gap.
And one old, python* lived in that gap. *"Python" is literally "foolish snake" in Hajong.
In that gap, the python was lying for a long time.
The python, dying of hunger, was at his eleventh hour praying to God, saying, "Hey God, will I die of hunger in this way, without even a little compassion?"
God was listening to the python, had compassion on him, and sent one toad. 
But the toad was very much God's disciple.
The snake saw the frog coming near his mouth, and instinctively his mouth suddenly opened and grabbed the frog.
The toad was very sad because he had to face this kind of situation.
And he prayed to God, asking, "What sin have I committed, God?
You have shown me this kind of problem."
Hearing both of their prayers, God did not know what to do.
And then God revealed to them (lit. said in their ear), "Stay as you are."
The toad understood and played dead in the snake's mouth.
The foolish snake, thinking that the frog was dead, opened his mouth to swallow him, but the toad gave a hopping jump and ran away.
The old, foolish snake was left with his mouth hanging open.
Moral: "If your luck is bad, you won't even get rice at a wedding."

The crow and the butterfly






It is said that the butterfly and the crow used to be very good friends.
It is said that long ago the crow used to be regarded as very beautiful, while the butterfly was 
The two of them always used to be together in times of sadness and happiness, laughter and  
One day the butterfly was called by the other winged creatures to go with them and search  
for food.
Since the butterfly was ashamed of appearing ugly, she asked the crow, "Friend, will you give 
me your beauty?"
The crow was stunned and said, "Why would I give you my beauty!"
The butterfly said many things to flatter the crow.
The crow said, "I will be able to give you my beauty, but you must make a promise that you  
will return it. Then only I will give you my looks."
The butterfly was happy and taking the crow's beauty, went with the other winged creatures 
to eat.
The butterfly's other bird friends persuaded him not to return back the beautiful looks of the 
The butterfly took to heart what his friends told him.
The poor crow waited from morning till evening, but the butterfly never came back or 
returned his beauty.
For this reason, the butterfly today looks so beautiful and the poor crow remains so black
and ugly.