My dear brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grand mothers, first of all we would like to tell you why was this website built? To make sure that all the things completed in Hajong language reaches at the hands of all.

Your one drop of blood can save someone's life!

Fear not! Donate your blood!

Summer: 27°C to 30°C
Warmest: 32°C to 35°C 
Winter: 15°C to 20°C
Coldest: below 10°C

Come and be charmed by...
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Hajongs are
agriculturists and live in the plain areas. But agriculture ...Read more...

Hajongs are one of the tribes of Tibeto-Burman. But thousands of years ago, where Hajongs lived and where they come from, no one really knows. Many wrote about Hajongs, but all those writings are different. Hajongs live in North-east India. Some live in Assam, some live in Arunachal Pradesh, some live in Meghalaya and some in Bangladesh. Hajongs are scattered in various places, most live in Assam and Meghalaya. ... read more ..

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