There are three peaks in and around Tura. 

Tura peak
It is situated on the east, an excellent place for trekking before rain falls. It takes about half an hour or one hour to reach the top depending on your energy. Since the temperature is colder on top, people from warmer places need to carry warm cloths. You also need to carry food or snacks as there is no shops. There are many varieties of orchids and birds showing their singing skill. It is covered with dense forest. But now a days people are encroaching for permanent settlement and cutting down the trees for firewood.


Ranggira peak
It is situated on the north-west. Once this peak was covered with dense forest, but now this peak is fast becoming a barren land due to the practice of jhum cultivation. Excellent place to watch the sun go down.

Nokrek peak
This is the highest peak in Garo Hills, and one of the National Park of India. There's a place for holding the night so plan to hold the night to enjoy the beauty of the peak. You can forget about everyday troubles and worries. Always beware of leeches while visiting these peaks.