Amingokgre swimming pool
It is situated in betweem the hills on the road to Dadenggre sub-division. Entry fee is Rs. 200 for a day. You can try out your mountain climbing skill in this swimming pool. You can book a room on extra payment for holding a night and taste some of the traditional dishes. Outside food is not allowed. You have to buy from inside the complex. It offers kitchen facilities, toilets and shower.
Streams and Rivers
There are many streams and rivers in and around Tura, and out of the town as well. You can play ball on the beach and at the water's edge. You can go on a picnic or for a swim and dive off the large rocks or banks in the water. The popular picnic spots are Chibragre, Pelgawari, Ganol, Tebronggre, Rong'bangdare, Rombagre, Bansamgre, Sisobibra, Waribok, Mesakdare and many more.
Half of Tura is covered with forests. But due to increasing population forests are deminishing day by day for settlement and timber. People are clearing the forests for growing red wood, teak and rubber, and for jhum cultivation as well. The forest is full of wild berries, fruits, mushrooms, wild flowers, orchids and other edible plants. 

If you have never seen a cave and you have no time to visit the far-off caves, there's one for you in the heart of Tura, which is called Te'teng cave.


Tura Bazar
It is one of the best shopping attractions of Garo Hills with thousands of people visiting it every year. It is the commercial capital of Garo Hills.



Nazing Bazar
Nazing Market is a popular weekly market on every Saturday. It is located about three and a half mile from main market. It is frequented by buyers and sellers from across the Garo Hills. This market offers a vibrant, exciting shopping experience. The streets are lined with autos and vendors. The atmosphere is energetic, fun and uplifting. It is a great place to go shopping for fresh vegetables and second-hand cloths from outside.


Nakham Bazar

It is popular for dried fish, and located next to Tura bazar. Vegetables, fruits, meat and varieties of fish are also available.



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